La Vieille Échoppe – Charlieu

Rental of Board Games

Test the games at home to be sure of your choice!

The “winning” rental service is set up to brighten up family weekends, between friends, between colleagues… It will also allow you to test the games available in the store (while stocks last) or on order.

Course of events

1 – Selection of games

Select 4 large games or 4 small games and add them to your cart.

2 – Validate your reservation

The games will be available for collection at the store. 

The prices are 5€ per small game (15€ for 4) and 10€ per big game (30€ for 4).

3 – A game seduced you?

The rental is returned to you in the form of a voucher that is valid immediately or later for the entire shop!

Game rental is one more way to test the games at home, to make sure you make the right choice afterwards! You can also join our game nights!