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Our approach for almost 3 years, and after about 20 organised games evenings, is still the same: test and approve the games before offering them – or not – in the store! So you won’t find thousands of references, but a large selection that we can advise on a case-by-case basis! Of course, you can always order from us all the catalogues of the major distributors in the world of games: Asmodee France, Iello Games, Blackrock games, Gigamic, Surfin Meeple, Matagot, Paille Editions, Atalia, etc… “

Today, we're at more than
games tested and approved

The prices mentioned are the prices recommended by the game publishers, as found on their respective Internet pages.
This is the price that compensates everyone as fairly as possible from the beginning to the end of the chain.

Game rental

Game rental is one more way to test the games at home, to make sure you make the right choice afterwards! You can also join our game nights!