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Hear ye, hear ye, kind ladies, kind damsels! Welcome to La Vieille Échoppe !
Medieval, mineral & artisanal shop by nature, it is also a beautiful selection of board games that awaits you in our den in Charlieu!

Find on our site a part of these treasures, with the possibility to book, order and pay online in a few clicks !

For more information, a number : 09 88 28 57 19 and an email address :
For any order or reservation :

Looking forward to welcoming you warmly in our little shop, full as an egg, and to share with you our discoveries and favourites !

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday : 10h00-13h30 / 15h00 to 18h30
Saturday: opening at 9h00

Latest board games tested

The Crew

Vivez une aventure spatiale coopérative, dans ce jeu de pli original et immersif, qui vous tiendra en haleine à travers les 50 missions qu'il propose !

Micro Macro Crime City

MicroMacro vous propose de résoudre des enquêtes en observant attentivement une carte géante truffée de détails.