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Hear ye, hear ye, kind ladies, kind damsels! Welcome to La Vieille Échoppe !
Medieval, mineral & artisanal shop by nature, it is also a beautiful selection of board games that awaits you in our den in Charlieu!

Find on our site a part of these treasures, with the possibility to book, order and pay online in a few clicks !

For more information, a number : 09 88 28 57 19 and an email address :
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Looking forward to welcoming you warmly in our little shop, full as an egg, and to share with you our discoveries and favourites !


Our shops are open for order collection, and delivery is free from 30€ purchase!

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday : 10h00-13h30 / 15h00 to 18h30
Saturday: opening at 9h00

Latest board games tested

Schotten Totten – 2

Dans Schotten Totten 2, les deux adversaires sont désormais opposés pour la prise d’un Château. L’assaillant et le défenseur doivent prouver leur supériorité sur les emplacements des murailles. Mais cette fois, chaque joueur a des objectifs différents et ses propres conditions...