La Vieille Échoppe – Charlieu

Our gifts

A selection of gift ideas, for all ages and all tastes!

We fell into the mineral world three years ago, and have since developed our knowledge on the subject, through literature, and through the many passionate exchanges with our customers in our store in Charlieu.

Since the opening of the store, we have also been keen to put forward local craftsmen (<75 km from Charlieu), who have seduced us by their work, their sympathy, their originality.

We also offer a selection of products related to the medieval side and the cultural heritage of our beautiful city of Charlieu…

Useful reminder

Mineral healing, or lithotherapy, is on the rise… We would like to remind you that there is no such thing as a “miracle” stone, and that in no case should the acquisition of a mineral replace medical advice or treatment.
At best, having a stone on you can contribute to “feeling better”, which is already a satisfaction!